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What makes psychotherapy good therapy?
What makes a therapist a great therapist?

It's an understanding of your needs and a commitment to provide reliable, effective help.


It's a scientific approach to people's problems and a knowledge of state-of-the-art interventions.


It's a commitment to results.


I base my work on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy as informed by cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology.  Whenever possible I use methods that have been proven to work in repeated clinical trials endorsed by the NIH.

My goal is to reduce a patient's suffering as quickly as possible, to set them back on their feet and get them functioning again.

Please note: I now work exclusively in Lynbrook.

I have an uncommon background, compared to most people who provide psychotherapy. It's part of what's made me who I am: what I bring to the table.

Psychotherapy is my second career. After graduating from Columbia with a BA in Biology and Psychology in 1977, I worked for twenty years in the computer industry.  Among other things, I was part of the team that developed the world's first medical MRI machine, the FONAR QED-80.  I've also written three science-based educational computer games and I've been a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's advanced technology team. To top it off, I worked in steel mill automation, and worked in pattern recognition research for a national defense contractor.

What did I learn from this career?


I learned to be practical. I learned that engineering either worked or it didn't. I learned to evaluate scientific research and put it to use. I learned the value of a new perspective on a difficult problem.

I learned that people are much more interesting than machines.

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