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Over the past twenty years, I have worked with adult clients coming from a wide range of occupations, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. I treat everyone with care and respect. My clients have come in with problems ranging from work stress to grieving, to lifelong problems of anxiety, OCD and depression.


I specialize in treating difficult, treatment resistant problems: obsession-only OCD, chronic depression, chronic and pervasive fear/anxiety, and personality disorders.

I believe that most difficult-to-treat problems, regardless of diagnosis, have two factors in common.

1)  They are created from mis-learnings, mostly in childhood, but also through adult trauma. They skew our understanding of ourselves in the world. 

2) They are maintained by emotionally intense intrusive thoughts. These begin outside of consciousness and trigger emotional reactions before they ever come into awareness as conscious thoughts.

I have developed a new technique to work on these chronic problems. I call it Desensitization to Intrusive Thoughts or DIT. It's not magic (it depends on daily exercise) but it works where other techniques fail.

If you have gone from therapist to therapist without relief, I want to offer you realistic hope. You can learn to be happy, relaxed, productive, and at ease with your body and mind. You can have a life worth living.

To make things easier, your first session is free.

Call or text (347) 844-0071


About Me

I have an uncommon background for a  psychotherapist. After graduating from college, I worked for twenty years in advanced computer technology.

I've done everything from biomedical engineering to educational computer games, to steel mill automation, to national defense information technology.

This experience taught me to be practical. Projects have timelines and due dates -- and they have to work.


I also learned that people are much more interesting than computers.

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